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High quality apparel, shoes, accessories and equipment for sports, outdoor and leisure from international brands

Salming Sports --named after the legendary ice hockey player Börje Salming-- designs, develops and markets high quality products for running, floorball, badminton, squash and handball. The designs stand out for their cutting-edge technology, materials and ergonomics. All Salming products are also designed to improve performance and to reduce the risk of injury. Salming - No Nonsense!

Catalogue PADEL 2019
Catalogue SQUASH 2019/2020
Catalogue FLOORBALL 2019/2020
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The AKU shoe offering includes top quality footwear for hiking and leisure as well as for use by the police and the military. Each AKU design manifests their genuine love for traditional and prestigious Italian craftsmanship.

Catalogue A/W 2019

Killtec has been around for more than 35 years. Their competitive edge in sports and leisure products comes from a unique combination of elegance, quality and price. Killtec’s extensive product range of women's, men's and children's clothing and shoes is sold in more than 35 countries around the world - now also in Finland!

Catalogue WINTER 2019/2020

Catalogue WINTER 2019/2020 Kids

G.I.G.A. DX is Killtec’s urban lifestyle brand for those who appreciate individuality, innovativeness, high quality materials and durability.

Catalogue WINTER 2019/2020

Tenson is a true classic. The company has come a long way since founder Paul Rydholm designed the first bike cap called Kent in 1951. Nowadays, Tenson designs and manufactures a wide range of outdoor and ski clothing and accessories. Their offering includes robust products for both adults and children to use in the slopes, in nature and on the streets.

Catalogue AUTUMN/WINTER 2019

Seger is a leading manufacturer of technically woven socks and hats. Most of Seger’s products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Gällstad, Sweden. Over the decades, Seger has developed a competitive advantage through their style, quality and novel technical features.

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Auclair is one of North America's oldest and most prestigious glove-makers. The brand is known for its quality, style and performance in Alpine and Cross-country skiing, snowboarding and outdoor products for adults and children.

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